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About us ... started from the idea to reunite, in a compact, unitary format, as many resources as possible related to debtors, crooks, swindlers as well as complete information regarding people and companies who do not pay their debts and cause many problems.

Due to the fact that nowadays we have to deal with more and more dummy corporations, profiteers and other individuals of this sort, our goal is to ensure a coherent, practical information system reflecting the importance to know as much as possible on them and on the cases they are involved in.

Any information coming from you on the matter can be of use, because this category seems to be growing by the day.

Urban & Associates, the biggest Debt Collection agency in the country and Eastern Europe, launched, collaborating with one of the biggest software companies in USA, the first news-website, totally interactive, dedicated to debts, debtors and all the related issues. With this product, we want to support the business and civil community.

You will find the latest news on this world of debts and debtors, you will be able to talk to the debtors, find out the opinions of those who were victims; this news-agency wants to become the most important source for the media and public opinion. You can also see the problems from the debtors' point of view, as the Forum hosts discussions with them too and the right to an opinion is guaranteed.

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